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Learn How to Secure WordPress Login Page from Hackers

Change your WordPress login URL and cover up your wp-administrator to outmaneuver programmers and counteract savage power assaults… it's simpler

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SME CyberSecurity is Everyone’s Job – Not Just IT

Swipe cards and CCTV are often used as the first defense of any brick-and-mortar business; they protect businesses from balaclava-clad

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Why You Should Use a VPN While Torrenting

Should you use a VPN when torrenting? Torrent has a bad reputation because it’s downloading copyrighted material without any authority.

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How to Avoid Getting Your App Hacked?

In today’s modern world, the usage of mobile phones is increasing rapidly. There are so many manufacturers with hundreds of

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How to Detect and Prevent Phishing Attacks?

A phishing attack could literally drain a business enterprise for millions and billions of rupees and the management may not

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6 Cyber Security Tips for Small and Medium Business

Cyber Criminals do not just target large corporations but also small and medium businesses. Cybercriminals are just waiting for a

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Cyber Security Its Importance And Facts 2023

Cyber Crimes are common nowadays and someone is getting scammed online, offline, and intentionally as well. Millions of dollars were

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Baby Monitors to Keep a Close Eye on Your Kids

You may think that baby monitors are relatively new technology but the truth is the first baby monitor made its

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Safe and Sound: 10 Reasons Why You Should Backup Your Data to the Cloud

Most people have heard the mantra “back everything up” more than once. Unfortunately, not everyone follows this sound advice. Any

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7 Lock-Down Ways to Protect Your Sensitive Information and Data

Identity fraud affects roughly 16.7 million people per year. The results can be financially devastating. How can you keep yourself from

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How to Monitor Your Network for Malicious Traffic Activity

Cybercrime is a real threat to any business, and whether you own a corporate giant or a one-man band, your

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3 Types of Malware You Should Work to Avoid

Commonly known as “malware,” malicious software comes in a variety of packages. While certain types of malware only present a

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