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Publishing Guidelines & Terms and Conditions for Sponsored Posts :

  1. Content: Your post should be natural, unique, and relevant to our website’s content. We utilize¬†Plagiarism and AI content detectors, and any drafts written by AI services will be promptly rejected.
  2. Links: You are allowed to include two dofollow links in addition to high-authority external reference links and relevant internal links.
  3. Restrictions: We do not accept posts or links related to restricted and/or illegal topics such as gambling, online casino, pornography, piracy, CBD, crypto trading, forex, medicine, etc. However, if you have such a requirement, we can discuss it at a higher cost.
  4. Changes: We value your satisfaction and allow you to request any change in the post/link within two weeks from the date of publishing after payment. In case of order cancellation without payment, if the post has been indexed in search engines, the post will stay on the site but the links inside the post will be removed.
  5. DMCA & Content Removal: If we receive a DMCA, copyright, or policy violation notice against your post or find that it’s harming the reputation of our website, we will remove the post or link immediately without any intimation. Also, in the unlikely event of data loss, website termination, or any other disaster, we cannot issue a refund for your post.
  6. Quality Control: We do routine quality checks on the links and if we find that your link is compromising our website’s reputation or search engine presence (e.g.: returning 404, redirections, etc.) we may change or remove the link without any intimation.
  7. Images: Any image you provide must be unique or from free stock image websites such as Pexels, Pixabay, or Adobe Stock. If we find that your image or infographic infringes on someone else’s copyright, we may remove the entire post without any notice.
  8. Payment: Once the article is published and indexed in search engines, we require payment within 14 days. While we send payment reminders, failure to receive a payment within the mentioned due date will result in the removal of the post/link. Republishing the same will incur an extra charge.
  9. Non-refundable: The payment you make for the advertising options on our website is non-refundable and non-creditable under any circumstances, including the event of removal of the post or link and/or any change in link or post by us (as mentioned in points 5, 6, and 7 above).

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